It’s not the will to win that matters- everybody has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.

– Paul “Bear” Bryant,
Legendary college football coach

Hello, I’m Dr. Dan Himes, a small business owner, husband, dad, sailor, and former community college physics professor.

In the process of developing Study Swami, a time management and study skills website for college students, I became involved with other entrepreneurs who confided in me that they, too, struggled with time management.

Some thought that it was simply a matter of discipline and perseverance. That’s part of the equation but probably not the most important part. Others had looked at videos and even taken some time management courses online from which they had learned about a cool app or a couple of tricks, but after a temporary boost they seemed to fall back to where they were before.

That’s because the solution is not about the tools. It’s about the process. I don’t care if you use online calendars or paper calendars, index cards or some trick to help you get started with your day. All of those are great, but they don’t solve the big problem.

The big problem is conceptual. You have to re-think your entire approach to how you handle your time. It will change your life for the better. And I’m here to help you. Just like I helped countless students go on to careers in medicine, engineering, dentistry and science.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science. There’s a definite way to approach the problem.

Of course, since you’re here you’re one of the lucky ones. You realize that you’re stumbling over this obstacle. It’s tragic when I work with someone who doesn’t recognize this. All they know is that they are frustrated trying to achieve their dreams. If they don’t change something, I know how their story is going to end.

Read coach Bryant’s words again, at the top of the page. He’s absolutely right.