Strategic Delegation

The Strongest Team Wins

You’ve probably never been taught how to delegate, but as Sir Richard Branson correctly points out you won’t succeed unless you can do it well. At first, if we’re being honest, delegating is scary.  We tend to only delegate two things: Work with near-term deadlines, and work we just want to get “off our plate.” 

In doing so we waste the opportunity to make our team stronger. This is harmful in the long term because, in the end, the strongest team wins. 

Re-think how you delegate.  Think about delegation as a true source of strength and growth rather than just as a way of getting more done.

Delegate strategically.  It’s what true team-builders do.

And the strongest team wins.

You can learn how in 15 minutes, for free. In our module Strategic Delegation, you’ll learn the Who What When Why and How of strategic delegation, and you’ll even get a worksheet you can use to help you plan your delegation in the future.