Make Your Workflow Work

Positivity. Balance. Performance.

“Every time I turn around somebody needs something or something urgent needs to be done. I run around putting out fires, rest when I can, and the next day it starts all over again.”

Yeah, that’s not good.

Finally— Authentic time management training for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by all the things we need to juggle, and if we’re not careful it can get the better of us. That can be bad for business, bad for our relationships, and even bad for our health.

Trying to get a handle on what to do next is like trying to work a difficult jigsaw puzzle without a picture. Although it may seem surprising, getting that “picture” is actually a time management skill.

Now, when we say time management most people imagine appointment calendars and superhuman acts of will. But there’s a deeper foundation that most people don’t know and that’s why, as you know, most people aren’t very good at time management.

Being good at time management is a true competitive edge.

Time management doesn’t mean having the right app or “life hack.” Time management means having the right process. Whether you use Trello or Toggl or even a good old-fashioned notebook is secondary. It’s what you do with them that counts. And furthermore, your process has to be one that works for you, or else you’ll quickly fall back into your old, costly habits.

BizWorkLife will help you find your process, a process that will give you a competitive edge going forward.

You can put off doing a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them.

Do you want to understand what each wasted hour costs you? You can use our calculator. You may be surprised!

Time value calculator

If you have had an established revenue stream for over three months, use our three months’ revenue calculator. If you are pre-revenue, use our pre-revenue calculator.

Time management workflow diagram

So how can BizWorkLife help?

BizWorkLife provides both online learning and individual consultation to help you design a workflow that leads to greater effectiveness and control in your life. Small business owners just starting out should take our asynchronous, online course, Time Management and Work-Life Balance. It delivers a huge bang for the buck and leaves absolutely nothing out.

We see a lot of new business founders go through a predicable progression. After the headiness and excitement of starting a business wears off, they are faced with the reality of the minutia, uncertainty, and self-doubt that inevitably comes. That leads to a sense of burnout. Then loss. Then a sense of being rudderless. And sometimes, despair. Their whole business— their hopes and dreams—are now at risk. Tragically, the owner often gives up when they didn’t have to.

Time Management and Work-Life Balance can help you past that cycle— or even prevent it— by showing you how to keep things real and moving forward every day.

Business colleagues focused intently on computer screen

On the other hand, more established businesses with many moving parts will likely want some individual consulting. When these businesses struggle with time management, we see a progression of behaviors. It starts with the owner always rushing, then constantly making excuses and having to apologize for being late or missing appointments (or, in severe cases, missing invoice payments), and finally, as the company starts to circle the drain, blaming others and destroying employee morale.

If this sounds like what’s happening in your business you need to get in touch with us now.

We’ll start with a free consultation over Zoom or Google Meet, after which we’ll have a good idea as to the scope of the problem, and decide next steps with you. Plan on 15-30 minutes for the initial consultation.