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Our Course

Stop the guilt you feel when you take time off- and the regret you feel when you don’t.

For the driven professional, entrepreneur or solopreneur, the Time Management and Work-Life Balance is an online, asynchronous short course that teaches you how to get control of your time and your life.

The short course takes about two or three hours to complete, depending mostly on how much planning you have already done. The course is completely online and you can do it at your own pace. We cover planning as a part of time management because you don’t want to spend your time doing the wrong things.

You’re going to learn how to apply consistent effort to achieve your goals. They don’t teach you this in schools. I know. I wrote the stuff for schools, too. In school, you are being led. In the outside world you have to lead yourself.


I’ll be teaching this live at Salem State University, in case you want to do this in person. It’s a six week course, meeting Wednesday nights starting 29 April 2020.