Time Management and Work-Life Balance


This fully guaranteed comprehensive course designed for the small business owner will give you the no-nonsense help and direction you need to get control, de-stress, stay positive and stay focused.



As a small-business owner you understand the value of time better than anybody- how precious every hour is right now, especially if you are also a parent and facing the very real possibility of reduced hours for school in the fall.  And yet you need time to attract customers, run tests, and sometimes just to think.

This guaranteed course is a comprehensive course for the adult learner that was designed for the small business owner (although it turns out that it does pretty well for managers, too).  It was designed to fit your schedule- no fluff, plenty of examples (case studies) that address different situations, and delivered in small chunks.  Seven straightforward modules will bring clarity to your days.  Downloadable worksheets, a bit of (ungraded) homework, and short quizzes all make sure you get what you need.

Get control, de-stress, stay positive and stay focused.  Achieve your goals and have fun getting there!  Take this course today, because you don’t get a second chance at tomorrow.